Decentralized Equality Inclusion maXimum Action

Xastro Origin Limited Edition NFTs

Universe Ambassador

Xastro Origin NFT

Xastro [zas.tro]
Gender: non-binary
Race: multi-racial

Artist: Bruce Sulzberg
Creator: jr@deixa

NFT Drop
Drop Allocation NFT Series Date Price Drop Earn
444 1-444 08.04.22 $400 Founders 400 Tokens Sold Out
4,000 445-4,444 TBD $400 1st Release 400 Tokens
10,000 4,445-14,444 TBD $444 2nd Release 444 Tokens
About the NFT

A new online community is about to emerge, focused on respecting private data, diversity, inclusion, and advancing equality. Participants in the DEIXA community earn reward tokens based on their participation and engagement that can be redeemed for epic experiences: live concerts & events, backstage meetups, unique travel destinations, merchandise & collabs, big brand deals & incentives, original artwork, sourced NFT drops, and curated life-changing adventures!

NFT Founder Attributes

Own 1 of 14,444 of a unique trait Xastro Origin NFT that will be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain 08.14.14.

• Owner 1 of only 444 Xastro Founder NFTs. Founder NFTs will unlock access to 5,000 DEIXA Reward Tokens upon downloading and connecting your Xastro Founder NFT to your DEIXA APP.

• The APP will be available to download, along with the redemption of DEIXA reward tokens for brand value, NFT marketplace and epic event experiences on October 22, 2022 to the general public. Prior to that date there will be limited access to a number of participants to download the APP after August 31, 2022.

• DEIXA reward tokens also unlock your survey opinions as to the national brands we wish to prioritize their participation, and which global and regional epic event experiences we curate for the Community.

One (1) NFT Founders Pass to “Xastro Fest 2023”. The largest Diversity & Inclusion Arts & Music festival in the country, June 2023 in Las Vegas on the Strip!

 Xastro Fest 2023, a diverse mixture of superstar artists & performers from around the planet!

– Showcasing the largest digital art gallery and NFT display, drone laser light-show

– Singers, bands, comedians, dancers, magicians and international celebrity chefs, all converging in the “Vegas Desert Oasis” for an Epic Arts & Music Festival!

– Eligible to be selected as an Xastro Fest 2023 Producer and receive authentic credits & access backstage!

One (1) Invitation to the “Xastro Founder DEIGala” 2023 event at the prestigious brand new 17,000 Sq feet, Las Vegas Digital Museum on Las Vegas Boulevard on the eve of Xastro Fest 2023!

The Xastro Founder DEIGala event will feature a culinary experience by a resident Las Vegas Celebrity Chef and will highlight the recognition for those working towards creating a more Diverse, Equality-Driven and Inclusive society.

• One (1) Entry into our Epic 3-Day “New York City Tennis Championship” Experience for Two (2)! Subject to State and Federal Contest & Sweepstakes rules & regulations.

• As an NFT Founder and a participant within our DEIXA APP & Community you may be eligible to participate in other special events and exclusive opportunities.

*see Xastro NFT Attributes below

Xastro Traits


The Moon makes Earth a more livable planet, leading to a relatively stable climate. It also causes tides, creating a rhythm that has guided humans for thousands of years.



Galaxies are sprawling systems of dust, gas, dark matter, and anywhere from a million to a trillionstars that are held together by gravity.



Colors are used to express light spectrum characteristics captured by human vision, and color naming across languages.



Beauty aside, there are fascinating underlying reasons why stars have different colors in the night sky. The size and color of a star depend on its age and life-cycle stage.



The central input/output USB data connection, which represents the fundamental flow of information for Xastro.




Bruce Sulzberg, Artist

  • Tennis Icon Rafa Nadal
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Lebron James
  • Philadelphia Sixer Joel Embiid
  • Philadelphia Sixer James Harden
  • Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki
  • Green Bay Packers Brett Favre & Reggie White
  • Philadelphia Flyer Sean Couturier
  • Philadelphia Flyers Ivan Provorov & Travis Konecny
  • Texas Ranger Prince Fielder
  • Race car driver Kasey Kahne
  • and many more…
Commissioning Artists

    Xastro FAQs

    How do you say Xastro?
    Xastro [zas·​tro]
    Noun • Gender: non-binary • Race: multi-racial

    Xastro Appointment
    Xastro has been appointed as the UA (Universe Ambassador) by the DEIXA DAO for the DEIXA Community. There will be a Limited Edition Xastro Origin NFTs minted.

    How many Xastro Origin Limited Edition NFTs will be minted?
    There will only be 14,444 Xastro Origin NFTs ever minted. There will be 4,444 initially released NFTs and another 10,000 will be released and announced to be dropped after the initial first release has been sold out.

    What does a Xastro Origin NFT get you?
    A Xastro NFT gets you access to all the benefits listed under the Xatro attributes.

    What is the DEIXA Community Ecosystem?
    DEIXA stands for: decentralized, equality, inclusion, maximum, action. Empowered by the people for the community! We are a decentralized global community built on the foundation of data privacy ownership, access equality granted to all and recognition for action. Collectively as participants across the universe our impact as one diverse & inclusive community, we can have an enormous impact on rebooting personal data, privacy, societal and capital priorities through the democratization of power, wealth and sustainability.

    What is the Mission of Xastro?
    DEIXA is our global community, delivering you the power to be at the forefront of equality and inclusion – and have fun doing it. A diverse world is an opportunity for connection, not isolation. We connect people who know the power of experiences, privacy, and security. Together, we participate in a community that is mutually rewarding and impactful. Everyone is invited to the experience.

    Are the NFTs unique?
    DEIXA Xastro Origin is a collection of 14,444 unique NFTs that are the gateway to an innovative diverse & inclusive community, built around epic reward experiences and obsessed with data privacy, respect and transparency. Each Xastro Origin NFT is ERC-721 compliant and was algorithmically generated by combining 40+ unique traits with varying rarity across fixed categories: Moon, X brand color, Galaxies, Star Configurations, Xastro accent color.

    Where can I interact with other Xastro Origin NFT collectors? will be the future command station. This is where Xastro will report into, stay-tuned as we prepare to onboard and launch the DEIXA Community together! You can join our Discord channel for the latest updates as well and on 09.22.22 you will have early access to download our DEIXA App and you will receive all the privileges plus advance access to the DEIXA Marketplace for epic redemption options and exclusive bonuses.

    How do I purchase a Xastro NFT?
    Primary sales of Xastro Origin NFTs are live on on 08.04.22 or you can buy your Xastro on Opensea using your crypto wallet.

    The Creation of Xastro



    Become a Founder through your ownership of your one-of-kind Xastro Origin NFT “1 of 444”,
    that will be the first to be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain on 08.14.22.


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    Xastro Fest 2023 Las Vegas

    The biggest NFT & Arts Music Festival focused on Diversity & Inclusion in the Universe!

    Xastro NFT & Arts Music Festival 2023 (Xastro Fest). A diverse and all inclusive 12 hour festival of epic entertainment! Top global artists from around the planet converge on Las Vegas for one epic festival! Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Country, Latin & Rock Stars converge in the Desert, along with DJ’s, Comedians, NFT Artists, Chefs, Mixologists and influencers!

    • 1 Main Live Mega Stage
    • 2 Live Satellite Stages
    • Live Streamed around the Planet
    • Featuring a 17,000 Sq ft Immersive Digital Museum

    Launching the DEIXA Lounge & Culinary Dome:

    • Featuring Mixologists, Chef’s & Food Trucks that span the globe
    • International Team to display the Drone Laser Lightworks Finale

    Traits Combined Unlock the Xastro Fest Experience

    • Xastro Origin NFT purchasers with a reveal of the “purple X” Xastroit will be eligible to win one (1) VIP Pass for the “Xastro NFT & Arts Music Festival 2023” (Xastro Fest) in Las Vegas, Nevada Q2-2023. Approximately 10% or 1,444 of the NFT purchasers will be eligible to win.

    • Xastro Origin NFT purchasers with a reveal of the “milky way” Xastro trait will be eligible to win one (1) Xastro Fest VIP Pass with private access to the DEIXA Dome Lounge. Approximately 3% or 444 of the NFT purchasers will be eligible to win.

    • Highest Festival Access: Xastro Origin NFT purchasers with an “eclipse moon” Xastro trait will be eligible to win one (1) XFest Oasi Xastro Fest s Producer VIP Pass with private access to the DEIXA DOME Lounge. Airfare and Hotel accommodations for 3 nights at Hilton Resorts World Hotel, Limo Bus Shuttle service to and from the Xastro Fest 2023. Provide your input and collective consultation for the Xastro NFT Arts & Music Festival (Xastro Fest) final selection for the diverse artist entertainment secured for the following: Music Genre, Epic DJ’s, Singers, Bands, Comedians, NFT Artists, Food Truck Chefs, Mixologists and Festival Entertainment Media Hosts. Receive official Producer credits for the Festival. Approximately 0.3% or forty-four (44) NFT purchasers will be eligible to win.

    • See more details on the Festival at

    * All NFT proceeds will be contributed to the DEIXA DAO and accessible to view through the DEIXA App.

    Xastro NFT Attributes

    Xastro Origin

    • Authentic ownership of one (1) of only fourteen-thousand, four-hundred and forty-four (14,444) unique Xastro Origin trait NFT when purchased. There will only ever be 14,444 Xastro Origin NFT’s ever minted that will oversee the DEIXA Community as Universe Ambassadors. NFT Purchasers will receive the static and dynamic NFT along with a certified Xastro Origin whitepaper.

    • Each NFT Holder will be eligible to be on the DEIXA whitelist for 24-months and will also receive one (1) DEIXA reward token for each NFT dollar contributed with a purchase.

    • Each NFT Holder will receive a Xastro NFT Collector’s Edition 33 x 30 inch Xastro Origin Print mailed to them in a protective cylinder.

    • Each NFT Holder will receive access to unlock the “Xastro NFT Arts & Music Festival Oasis 2023” (Xastro Fest) in Las Vegas, Nevada the live streaming of the Festival event. Hosted by Entertainment Media Influencers, with behind the scenes interviews with all the artists, intimate conversations of what diversity and inclusion means to them and how it has affected them as an artist. NFT Holders will receive premium access for Xastro Fest Passes before they go on sale to the general public. Reward tokens can be used partially to redeem for Xastro Fest Passes. See Xastro Fest 2023 Event Page

    Priority NFT Purchasers

    • The first 4,444 Xastro Origin NFTs purchased will be elevated to the DEIXA “Multiverse Blue” loyalty reward tier status and eligible to receive 100,000 reward tokens when they download the DEIXA App.

    • Those who purchase after the first release of the Xastro Origin NFTs sold out, will be purchases of the second release will be elevated to the DEIXA “Universe Green” loyalty reward tier status and are eligible to receive 10,000 reward tokens when they download the DEIXA App.

    X Gamified Entries

    • Each NFT Holder will be able to redeem their reward tokens to be entered to win one (1) of the one-hundred and forty-four (144) Limited Edition original physical 3-dimensional prints on multiple layers of glass, original artist signature, framed and shipped to you.

    • Each NFT Holder will be able to redeem their reward tokens to be entered to win one (1) of fourteen (14) DEIXA Marketplace Epic Experiences of the winners choice. (see list)

    Become a Founder through your ownership of your one-of-kind Xastro Origin NFT “1 of 444”,
    that will be the first to be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain on 08.14.22.


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